Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension

The Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller made with excellent design and most advanced features. Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger

It contains all features like an expensive trailer for suspension, rain guard, safety leash to three entrance and large doors, this trailer stroller has everyone one desire to have in the best trailer.

Aosom Elite II Dog Bicycle Trailer is the perfect product enable you to change your boring lifestyle and moderate it into long-lasting entertainment on long and short trips along with your furry friend.

This high-quality trailer stroller will definitely come up all expectations of buyers who want to take their pets along on the ride.

The highlight of Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Review

A presentable design boosted with exceptional features and top-notch functionality – this Aosom Elite II Pet trailer comes with high-end features line. This trailer, stroller made typically for all those buyers willing to buy excellent functional, durable and most reliable trailer for pets.

This trailer is surely the worthy purchase as it offers 100% safety, security and comfort for users and their pets. Mentioned Aosom Elite II trailer review along with all promising features and complete overview will offer complete information to all buyers so that they can get an idea of the product well.

  • Modified design

 This Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer stroller is manufactured from sturdy steel, the lightweight steel frame is easier to tow when used as a trailer as well as easier to push when used as jogger stroller. This lightweight trailer is yet very durable and easy to carry.

While the Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer stroller has 20 inches back wheel, and the tires come deflated therefore user need to use a hand pump to inflate them.

Trailer’s back ultra-smooth rolling tires are designed in a way to provide a smooth ride even on bumpy road or road with obstacles.

The presentable and promising waterproof covering makes it most attractive trailer stroller for all dog lovers. In case your dog suffers from arthritis then you should choose Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer, as it features multi-entrance options.

Yes, you heard that right, the trailer comes with three openings options for the ultimate convenience of pets, the first entry is from the top, the second one opening at the back and the last opening is from the back. This makes your pet most happy as they can get off the cabin from anywhere they want to.

The spacious and large cabin of Aosom elite II trailer accommodate two dogs easily (small dogs), if you have a big dog it can best fit in the wide cabin.

  • Protection

The safety features of Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer are countless, it featured swivel front wheel which also can be fixed in a place when used as a stroller, enable you to keep good control when you take your pet on jogging. It also adds more stability and prevents a potential crash.

Also, this trailer featured adjustable handlebars according to user’s height and enable the user to push conveniently. Mesh door ventilation system is also the highlighted feature of this trailer, which enhances airflow in the cabin.

Safety leash is also the feature of the trailer which enables users to attach it to pet’s collar and let them enjoy the ride by taking out his/her head with complete security.

Along with mesh windows, there is rain guard made up of plastic material and it can be rolled up or tie up when not in use. To go off road without worries this trailer features suspension system so that you can go on off-road routes with your pet without stressing about their discomfort.

Bright visibility flag is also attached to this trailer, the cabin’s color flag hangs behind the trailer for extra visibility and security.

  • Best application

The Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer stroller is one of the best trailers throughout the market. It is best to fit to go on jogging, long trips, short trips and anywhere users want to take their pets along. No more leaving your pet behind, this Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer is the ideal pet trailer for all pet lovers or pet owners.

  • Easy to use

Elite II pet trailer by Aosom is the perfect choice for any person, want to have safe and easy to use pet trailer that is competent to offer more fun trips and rides.

The Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer assemble easily in no time without any tool, also it enables you to convert into a stroller in just a few minutes without using any tool. As well as the included type A bike hitch enable users to attach at the safest distance with most bicycles, while it folds under the trailer when the user use the trailer as a stroller.

Although the storage pocket on both the sides of trailer allow users to keep their stuff or pet’s food and water easily.

  • Capacity

Before getting any pet trailer, it is highly recommended do check size and capacity specification especially, these are the most incredible feature of pet/dog trailer.

Seemingly the Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer is designed for all sizes dogs, all you need to consider maximum weight limit and interior dimension and load your pet in. this Aosom Elite II Pet Trailer offer maximum weight or load up to 88 lbs while the overall interior dimension measures 30 1/2″D x 23 1/2″W x 21 1/2″T.

  • Rational rates
  • Durable and lightweight steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Top, front and back entrance option for pets
  • 20 inches back wheels and 10 inches front swivel wheel
  • Mesh door and mesh windows
  • Rain guard
  • Easily convertible into jogger stroller
  • Stroller kit included
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Not compatible with all bicycles


Altogether the Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller is definitely worth buying for all pet owners who love their pets too much. It is one of the best-rated trailers that offers various protection features while the highlight of this trailer is a maximum load which is 88 pounds. All its features, specs and formation makes it most stand out the trailer.



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