Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer / Stroller w/ Swivel Wheel – Red / Black

The Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer holds incredible features and modified design overall. This elite Jr pet trailer and stroller contain sleek, attractive design along with the presentable look.Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer

Easily convertible to stroller, handlebar, durable frame and various other features of Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer makes it top rated and high demanding stroller/trailer in the market.

If you are the one looking for more than just an ordinary carrier for your pooch then Aosom Elite-Jr pet stroller/dog trailer is the best choice for you.

You can easily maintain active lifestyle along with your dog, this trailer/stroller is easier to set up and use.

Also, this trailer featured extreme wonderful safety and comfort features. This high-quality trailer carried exceptional design, features and dimension like any other expensive trailer, this trailer will make you proud in such amazing price range.

 Highlights of Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer Review

Attractive and promising design of Aosom Elite-Jr trailer makes it best functional also its superlative features add in its part. The Elite-Jr trailer or pet stroller comes with an array of extraordinary features. This is the top-rated trailer/stroller on the market which offers best affordable rates.

This Aosom Elite-Jr stroller is not just high-end functional but it is reliable and durable as well. In the detailed Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer review written below, you can explore more prominent features which definitely makes this trailer high rated and best choice.

  • Modified design

The Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer’s frame constructed from sturdy steel. Therefore, this trailer is easiest to tow when used it as a trailer and very easy to push when you are using it as a stroller, all credit goes to the lightweight steel frame.

As well as this lightweight trailer is most reliable and durable while heavy-duty covering the sturdy steel frame is water resistant polyester fabric. Also, this trailer carried double entry design from back and front, to make loading easier for your pet.

This Aosom Elite-Jr trailer/stroller is very easy to assemble although mesh zippered screen and meshed windows on both sides are specifically designed to increase airflow and safety. For a smooth and bump-free ride or trip, there are 12 inches tires are fixed on the back while 7 inches wheel is on the front with easy swivel function.

  • Protection

Aosom Elite-Jr pet bike trailer featured various high-tech security and comfort features which ensure 100% safety of your pet. The trailer/stroller featured heavy duty waterproof covering of polyester fabric that saves your pet from harsh weather and rain.

This pet bike trailer under 100$ can be set up in a few minutes although the mesh zippered screen is fixed on the back and front which enable the pet to enter easily on both the areas.

Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer / Stroller w/ Swivel Wheel – Red / Black

On both sides of Aosom Elite-Jr pet bike trailer, there are meshed windows fixed for maximum air flow for your pet especially in warmer conditions. As well as these meshed windows and mesh zippered screen secure your pet from annoying bugs or environmental elements.

Aosom Elite-Jr pet bike stroller has modified safety features such as 32 inches long safety flag for easy visibility. although the stroller kit’s tow handlebar has non-slip rubber for easy grip.

  • Easy convertible

The Aosom Elite-Jr dog trailer is not just easy to assemble without any tool but it is the multi-functional trailer that can be conveniently converted into jogger stroller. Now do not waste extra money on buying jogger stroller for your pet, Aosom Elite-Jr trailer is the only product you need to buy and you are all done.

You can take your pet/dog anywhere you want in this trailer and can convert this trailer into stroller where you need it. Aosom Elite-Jr pet trailer comes with complete stroller kit which includes 7” front swivel wheel and handlebar.

  • Easy to use

Make your life easier with Aosom Elite-Jr dog trailer/stroller, it is easy to assemble and easier to tow because of lightweight around 28 pounds just.

This stroller folds flat for transportation and storage also the swiveling front wheel help you in stroller conversion without any effort. Enjoy long and short trips on various road surfaces because the 12 inches tires offer smooth ride even on jagged surfaces.

Also, this trailer includes bicycle hitch which is best compatible with most bicycles.

  • Value

the smart Aosom Elite-Jr dog bike trailer not just featured high-tech options but this trailer holds most surprising price tag which definitely attracts buyers towards it.

That is why Aosom Elite-Jr dog pet bike trailer is one of the top-rated trailers on the market. This Aosom Elite-Jr trailer has wide space measures around 23.25″D x 17″W x 20.5″T, this much spacious interior enables the dog to easily move around without worries.

  • Capacity

As the name says it Elite, this is surely the elite and most attractive trailer with the color combination red and black.

The Aosom Elite-Jr dog pet bike trailer accommodates maximum load up to 44 lbs, it is therefore recommended to check your pet’s weight and dimension according to interior dimension for extra safety and comfort.

  • Reasonable rates
  • Durable Metal frame
  • Waterproof, heavy-duty polyester covering
  • Easy to assemble
  • Front and back, dual entry option for pets
  • Quick release wheels, detachable
  • Easily convertible into jogger stroller
  • Mesh zippered screen layer on front and back
  • Limited load of 44 pounds
  • Not compatible with all bicycles


The Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer is the great addition to pet/dog trailers. Elite-Jr trailer featured top-notch performance along with most presentable design.

With this trailer/stroller, you can get most of the fun of trip along with your pet, as the matchless safety and comfort aesthetics made this stroller most stand out from other expensive trailers.

The affordable price range is the top highlight of Aosom Elite-Jr Dog Pet Bike Trailer, as well as its specs and features, make it best-rated stroller/trailer in the market.

This trailer is the perfect combination of improvised design, high-quality functionality, and unbeatable features.














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