Top double bicycle trailers

Cycling is really fun. You can make your pet a part of this fun too. It is no more difficult to accompany your animal or your cute kid on your cycling adventure. Get the bicycle trailer, attach it to the bicycle and drag it all the way on your cycling spree.

It would not just make the cycling time fun but will also keep your cutest ones safe during your adventure.  There is a number of bicycle trailers available in the market.

It is not necessary that all the bicycle trailers would be according to your requirements. Therefore it is a must to watch out for something that is spacious, easy to manage, and can carry dogs of all sizes.

Many fitness freaks with pets believe that accompanying kids and pets are always causing problems in their fitness plans.

They find it difficult to manage the dogs once they are out. The problem is resolved with the help of the dog trailers.

They can be fixed to the bikes both in the front and at the back. If you want to have an adventure time with your lovely pet then it’s time to go through the reviews below. Hopefully, they will help you choose the perfect trailer.

Trailer Name 
Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer
(Editor’s Choice)
Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer
Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer
Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer

1. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, OrangeSchwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, Orange

For a dog lover, it is very important to keep the pet happy. They want to have the strongest bond with their pet.  They want to spend their maximum time with their dog.

In this regard, they would love to have their dog with them no matter wherever they go. Going out for some fun is always a great thing. A dog owner would never like to keep his dog in a closed kennel when he is out for a health walk.

At the same time, the health freak pet owner would love to have his pet with him in a peaceful manner. If he has to run around the pet all the time then it’s really a pain in the neck. To resolve this issue Schwinn is the most appropriate solution giver.

It has become possible to enjoy a healthy walk, a great cycling time along with your pet. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is the real delight.

Once the trailer is out of the box it is easy to assemble. It is made out of the non-slip material. This prevents the pet from slipping down the seat when he is riding. It is detachable and can be cleaned without any hassle.

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer, Orange

There is no problem of storing the trailer. The frame can be folded and the trailer can be stored in the most compact spaces. The outclass steel coupler comes in a universal style. Thus, don’t worry about the cycle you are riding.

It will attach to any kind of bicycle. The trailer moves smoothly with the high friction rubber wheels.  There is an internal leash attachment system to hold the dog firmly. It is easy to carry a dog of any breed and size ranging up to a total of 50 lbs weight.

It is an awesome creation by the renowned sports gear creator Schwinn. They guarantee complete reliance, reliability, and excellent performance.

The high-quality aluminum rims can do really well while riding the trailer along with you. The air filled tires make it easy to take the trailer anywhere you like. There is nothing to worry about the terrain. It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has a spacious and well-ventilated interior that to keep the animal relaxed.
  • It comes with a rear door to allow easy entry of the dog.
  • The animal stays safe from all kinds of pests and bugs due to the bug screen.
  • Made out of sturdy and safe materials.
  • The strong rubber smell bothers the animals.
  • No back screen for air.
If you want your dog to stay with you all through the adventure time, this eye-catching orange colored trailer can do magic. It is not too problematic for your pocket either. Once you get it you would never be able to regret your purchase. You will be amazed how smooth and comfortable your journey is going to be. Pay few bucks and get the perfect ride.


2. Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

The name Schwinn is the sign of reliability and quality. Since its early days, the company is known for giving great quality products.

The manufacturers have guaranteed a high-quality trailer under 300$ that can make your adventure time really fun time with your pet.

It is a great option to use on all kinds of trails. Whether you are cycling on a pavement, grassy grounds, rugged tracks it will help you get the perfect riding experience for the pet.  The trailblazer is fitted with outclass coupler.

It is created in the universal style. Thus, it can be linked to any bike you are riding. Once out of the packaging it is easy to install.

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If you don’t have enough space at home or you are a frequent traveler there is no need to worry about the storage. Just fold it along with the wheels and place it anywhere.  For an eye-catching appearance and amazing style, the trailer comes in attractive colors.

Most of the pets get irritated with the bugs and insects all around them. In order to keep them calm the Pacific cycle, Schwinn trailblazer double bicycle trailer comes with the bug screen.

Pacific Cycle Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

There is also a weather shield attached to it. As it is waterproof hence there is no fear of water getting inside and bothering your pet. For easy navigation, the front wheel can swivel very well.

It can be comfortably transformed from a trailer to the stroller with the help of a handy stroller kit that comes along with it.

It is equipped with the quick release wheels that can also be folded while storing the trailer. The air filled tires make mobility really easy. The trailer can easily accommodate a weight of 40 lbs without making the rider feel congested.

This trailer is much similar to the trailers that are bought for settling the kids. Thus for those who know how to move around with the kid’s trailers and strollers, it is not much difficult to deal with it.

The manufacturers have ensured a perfect user-friendly built. It does not make it a complicated one to work with.  It won’t cost much either.

At very nominal rates, it would provide you with the outstanding features.  It is sheer joy when it comes to riding with your lovely pet on this trailer.

  • The internal cabin is spacious enough to accommodate dog of any size.
  • The interior has a ton slippery inner that makes the dog feel
  • To maintain the hygiene of the trailer the liner can be easily removed and washed.
  • Due to the universal coupler, it is easy to attach and separate the trailer from the bike.
  • The side snaps are very tight.
  • The bottom moves to one side due to poor stitching.
  • It is not suitable for heavier dogs.
It is a great thing to ride with your dog anywhere. If you are scared of controlling the pet, then it is time to buy this great piece. It will make all your rides great. You are also going to appreciate the budget-friendly price.


3. Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer

Since 1895 Schwinn is delivering the high-quality products. The phenomenon which started with the baby cycles has now transformed into much-sophisticated riding equipment for kids and even pets.

Schwinn has ensured the best quality and the best value products that can match the style and pocket of every buyer. It is because of this quality that today people of all ages love to be on the Schwinn riding miracles.

Whether it is a solo ride or a friendly cycling adventure or a lovely day out with your pet Schwinn has solutions to every adventure. Aluminum/steel frame construction for a lightweight and durable ride.

This Schwinn Joyrider double bicycle trailer is the most versatile and innovative way of riding with your kids. It moves on the high quality 20-inch quick release wheels.

These wheels ensure a safe ride wherever you go. It can comfortably accommodate 80 lbs of the rider sitting inside it.

If you are moving around with two kids that weigh a total of 80 lbs each then this trailer is an excellent option. The best part of the trailer is that it comes with a storage capacity of 12 lbs.

This saves the parents from holding the extra baggage on their shoulders while riding.

Schwinn Joyrider Double Bicycle Trailer

It is made for those who love the style and want to roam around with elegance. The most praised feature of the trailer is the huge and spacious cabin in which the children can sit properly without getting irritated even when sharing the space.

As the canopy is adjustable in the height so a little taller child can sit inside too. What else can be more comforting for the parents than keeping away tiny insects and bothering bugs while riding? The canopy can be retracted as you like. Transform it into a stroller and fix it with your bike.
It is fitted with a security harness to keep the child secure.

Even with two kids together there is nothing to worry about. Both of them will enjoy the ride together without getting bothered by the other partner. The inner material is not slippery thus the child can sit safely inside.

  • Highly innovative and appreciable design to match the people of style.
  • The rear wheels ensure a stable and smooth ride.
  • The aluminum frame is sturdy but a lightweight addition to the stroller.
  • It is worth praising for collapsible design.
  • The coupler is not suitable for all bikes.
  • It is not appropriate for a single rider.
With minor limitations and drawbacks, this joyrider trailer is worth buying. It has some great riding experience for kids of early ages. It is comfortable, and user-friendly. A friendly structure and convenient set up make it a unique experience.


4. Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer, YellowSchwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer, Yellow

A rider always wants to ride the best bicycles. He wants to enjoy every moment of it. Some riders love to take their kids along with them too. It is challenging to take the kids on your back or carrying them along.

The solution is to get a trailer that can be fixed with the bicycle both as the trailer and the stroller. To fulfill the needs of such parents Schwinn has introduced a classic bike trailer under 200$ with the brand name Schwinn 13-SC677AZ.

It has become really popular in a very short time due to its style, design, size, and practicality. What most of the parents adore is the large cabin with spacious and wide interiors.

It is large enough to accommodate two kids together. If you have kids that are older than 8 months you can use the trailer for them too.

The movement of the trailer is smooth due to the 20-inch alloy wheels added with the air tires. It is the combined action of the both that guarantees an excellent ride.

Regardless of where you are riding the trailer will go smoothly. Another added advantage is of the universal coupler that can be fitted with any kind of bike you are riding.

Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer, Yellow

Two kids weighing 40 lb each can comfortably sit together in the trailer. If you are a pet owner the same trailer can be used for taking a large breed dog along without any significant problem.

It comes with the dual seats. Both the seats are spacious, wide and comfortable to give room to two kids. The safety harness attached to both the seats gives parents a relaxed time when they have their kids along with them in the trailer.

The safety features are further enhanced by the introduction of the helmet mesh and the shoulder pads. The harmful insects and bugs always stay away from the rider due to the high quality 2 in 1 canopy and a bug screen.

There is no need to worry about the changing weather conditions. The weather shield is there to protect in all kinds of weather conditions.

There is nothing to worry about the price either. It is giving the best quality in just an affordable price.

  • It can be fixed to all kinds of bikes.
  • The trailer moves along all kinds of tracks with the strong and sturdy air tires.
  • The safety flag makes it prominent on the road.
  • The comfort is added due to the combined functioning of the canopy, and weather shield.
  • The air tires are not very reliable.
If you need perfection with style then it is the right time to look at this trailer. This budget-friendly trailer has all that conscious parents are looking for. It is a perfect blend of safety, protection, and amazing features. With the best quality, it becomes easier to ignore the minor cons.