Doggyhut Medium pet bike trailer with jogger kit dog bicycle carrier in Red

Doggyhut Medium pet bike trailer with jogger kit dog bicycle carrier in RedDoggyhut Medium pet bike trailer with jogger kit dog bicycle carrier in Red

The Doggyhut Bike Trailer gives ease and great comfort. It is best to maintain an ideal lifestyle for your pet.

We all like a bike ride but we know that it is really unsafe for us so how can we put our pe in such trouble or danger? Now this problem is not a big deal for your pet because doggyhut medium pet bike trailer is all that you need.

If you wish to take your pet on a long walk to the park so this is the best commuting medium for your pet’s traveling.  You as an owner can enjoy exercise by doing this job and get your pet back home without getting them tired.

This Doggyhut Bicycle Trailer with jogger kit is specially made for your pets and it has featured by all means that your pet will love to start the ride on it.

Highlighted Features of Doggyhut Medium pet bike trailer

It is constructed of waterproof 600d polyester along with steel frame. It also has anti-slip rubber floorboard. Your pets can enter easily through zipper door.

The door is not assembled with any tool of metal so that it could not harm your pet. The front zipper door includes net layer and a disk layer so it could be able to block winds and prevent from bad weather. It has 16” inflated tires and rear axle included. There is also a flag for visibility that will save your ride.

  • Design

Doggyhut medium pet bike trailer has also featured safety leash not only this but it accommodates weight up to 90 lbs. however, the trailer’s inside dimension is 27″x17″x20″ while the folded dimension of this trailer is around 27″x20.5″ X9″.

This bicycle pet trailer is although light in weight with just 31 pounds also users can fold together easily for transportation and storage.

An anti-slip floor mat is designed inside the stroller so that your pet can be comfortable. There is also a chain attached inside the stroller so that your pet can keep safe and sound.

For the winter season, if you are traveling on a long route with your pet so you will need a blanket so no need to worry, the stroller has a capacity to add cushions and blanket along with the pet.

It has enough space to provide your pet enough toys for playing and you can also put food bowl and water in it. This multi-functional trailer can be easily converted into a stroller in no time by using stroller kit available in which user get handlebar and front wheel.

  • Safety and comfort

You can use it as stroller instead of a bike trailer by pushing it below. It gives a little stability and keeps it out of the way. It has a front stroller wheel which can be easily attached and you are all set to go.

You do not need to worry if you have a larger dog because this trailer and stroller has a capacity to push along even with a larger pet and it is completely safe. It can go on uneven ways, grounds or even on sand.

This trailer or stroller is made from powder coated steel with a waterproof outer canvas which is very useful on rainy days. This makes it durable and last long for many joyful rides, walks, and hikes.

It is portable and can be folded flat for easy storage and you can put it in your car while you are traveling on a long route with your pet.

There are reflectors on all four sides so that it would be easy for you to be seen in low lights. It also has a tall flag for safety which is necessary when you are riding a bike with the trailer following you.

  • Size, color, and interior

Trailer’s interior dimensions are 34”x22”x26” which means that it can carry larger dog as well or if you have two small pets so it is great.

If your dog is elder now or have an injury and does not like to walk longer so there is no need to let him stay at home alone, this is the best thing for you and your companion pet. Take your pet with you for a hike.

It is available in red color which is pleasant for dogs. Doggyhut dog bike trailer or stroller is made according to your all need which is suitable for you if you want to take your pet along with you at any place whether it is a dog’s park or a mall for picking up home supplies.

The added point is that it has an advantage of converting into a bike trailer quickly and easily which is safe and secure for your pet.

  • Inexpensive
  • High-tech performance
  • Easiest to assemble
  • Lightweight but Sturdy and durable
  • The multipurpose trailer, easily converted to a stroller
  • Stroller kit included
  • Waterproof 600d polyester cover
  • Non-slip leather inlay floorboard
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Mesh screen for ultimate safety
  • Universal hitch coupler
  • Safety flag
  • Safety Leash
  • Fold together easily for storage
  • Zippered back door
  • 16 inches pneumatic tires
  • 12 inches front wheel
  • Trailer limited to small size dogs



Since Doggyhub Medium pet bicycle trailer comes with stroller kit – it is a worth buying trailer which offers various security features for your canine friends. In this article, you can find it’s feature, specifications, advantages which would be helpful for you when you buy this trailer. This trailer is recommended for your pet’s safety and security. It is easy to carry and your pet will definitely love it.


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