InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer Review – Cheap Affordable

InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle TrailerInStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer

The InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer comes with modified and exclusive design along with exceptional features. With a 16” pneumatic tires, swivel wheel and handlebar to convert into this trailer into stroller easily, this is the perfect high-tech trailer and the perfect choice for people willing to buy an affordable high-performance trailer.

If you are looking for perfect bike trailer which is not just packed with high-tech safety features but also ensure kids protection intact for a long time whenever you are on the road. Then InStep Quick N EZ Double is the matchless bike trailer option for you to consider riding with such advanced features.

This bike trailer with promising results of ease, safety and comfort is really worth buying –

This high-quality product will give your best experience of riding with all comfort of kids along.

Highlighted Features of InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer Review

The traditional bike trailer design carried superlative features and high-end functionality – this Quick Double bike trailer comes with the intelligent collection of top-notch features. This bike trailer is the best example of high performance, best functional, reliable and durable trailer.

Below you will find comprehensively written InStep Quick N EZ Double bike trailer review along with promising features which contrast this bike trailer a smart choice for all users out there.

However, an overview of this best bicycle trailer’s features would offer awareness to all buyers for a better idea of this product.

Design, Size, and Capacity 

The durable and long-lasting steel frame of Quick N EZ Double bicycle trailer guaranteed provides reliable and safe ride with children. The high-quality fabric used as cover and rods made up of steel material makes this bike trailer the best choice ever.

This Quick N EZ double bicycle trailer featured less size around 28.66 pounds while the best bike trailer features a maximum capacity of 88 pounds. This bike trailer has enough room to accommodate two children also it is recommended for parents not to exceed the weight limit.


The Quick N EZ Double bicycle trailer is best compatible with most bikes in this way users with any bike type can consider this trailer. This trailer is specifically designed to attach to most bikes easily.

 Cabin & storage basket

This multi-functional and high-performance bike trailer not only designed to provide a secure ride for parents and kids but it also features large storage basket means enough storage space which also helps the parent to get some extra supplies. Users can store baby bag, water bottle, and other stuff in this storage basket.

While the storage space also stores handlebars and front wheel for users – whenever users want to convert trailer into jogger stroller they can easily use these things.

Spacious cabin and enough room in this trailer designed to offer complete comfort and ease for kids to sit easily while riding.

 Multi-functional trailer

With this Quick N EZ Double bicycle trailer under 100$, users will not need to spend extra money on the regular stroller as this bike trailer is multi-functional and designed in a way to easily convert into stroller anywhere users want to.

Complete stroller kit safely attaches with Quick N EZ trailer so users can easily convert by just attaching front wheel and handlebar of the trailer into a stroller.

 Cabin’s inner pockets

Within the cabin, there are two pockets on the sides where you can keep feeder or cup for your kid so they have easy access to get their drinks right away without any worries.

 Easy storage and steering

After the long tiring day, you will not need to worry about storage of this trailer, you can easily fold up and store this quick N EZ bicycle trailer in no time. This trailer folds flat and perfect to fit into any closet or cabinet for next time.

You may have a query in mind that when you convert trailer into stroller you may face trouble steering kids in the right direction. So, do not worry at all as its swivel wheel easily turns to your required direction without any effort.

Safety Features of the trailer

The 16” tight grip rubber tires are basic but it comes with molded rims and allows the trailer best performance. Any ride can be bumpy but with this bicycle trailer, your kids stay safe in the place with the 5-point harness feature of this trailer.

The InStepQuick N EZ Double bicycle trailer features bit tricky parking brake than other trailers — users need to stole the brake strap over the rear wheel also around the back of the frame and simply clasp the clip of brake strap to the opposite end of brake strap.

However, the trailer’s 2 in 1 mesh canopy prevents kids from bugs, in case the raining starts during your ride so simply roll down the weather canopy, it prevents your kids from raining.

  • Easy setup
  • Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Unique specification
  • Easy storage
  • Weather and bug screen
  • Coupler and tow arm
  • Limited capacity
  • 16mm wheels with plastic rims


All those searching for a cost-effective bike trailer to take their kids on rides also errands around town with ultimate safety than InStepQuick N EZ Double bicycle trailer is a perfect fit for you. Not just cost-effective but the advance specification and unique mechanism with superlative features make it a good choice as a safe trailer.

With various advanced features this trailer has few drawbacks like limited capacity and not very efficient wheels but on the whole, this bicycle trailer is highly capable, high quality and safe trailers to take kids on road. With beautiful design and two colors options, this trailer has many comfort and safety features along.

This InStep Quick N EZ Double bicycle trailer is good value trailer. With the sun protection and mesh screen canopy and parking, break prevent from moving and much more features of this trailer enable you to bring more fun to your riding experience with young ones.

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