Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer, Yellow

The Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer, yellow is the versatile, comfortable yet stylish trailer that features matchless aesthetics. This yellow and improved model by Schwinn provides the best performance, safety, and ease.Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Traile

As far as the safety is concerned the Schwinn Echo trailer has loaded with pure safety features, heavy duty material construction and various other features which makes it the prior choice for all parents.

The appropriate most double bike trailer is the well-defined product for all parents to add it to their family to get fun transportation altogether.

The promising high-quality performance, reliability, and durability of this Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer make it worth buying.

The highlight of Schwinn 13-SC677AZ Echo Double Bike Trailer, Yellow Review

Sturdy and attractive design of Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer under 200$ boosted an array of top-class features with smooth and safe riding experience. This trailer is particularly designed to cater to all those parents looking to get a finest functional, durable and reliable trailer to take their kids on a trip along.

The best safest and well-protected model by Schwinn has the competency to offer smooth yet fun ride always, this is the right kid carriage to add to the family today.

We have compiled all the details in this Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer review with all highlighted features that overall makes this trailer-worthy enough. Let’s start an overview of this best kid’s bike trailer, in which complete insight offer buyers a better idea of the product.

  • Appearance, design, interior and capacity

The Schwinn Echo Bike Trailer has lavish and stylish looks although the factors add more elegance in the appearance include large windows and 2 in one unique style canopy in which mesh cover for better transparency and good looks.

Also, the protected shield or bug screen for ultimate safety is another highlight. Schwinn echo is not just a versatile bike trailer but also offer safety and comfort of the top quality.

Another highlight of Schwinn Ec

ho Bike Trailer’s design and appearance mostly rely on the 20 inches alloy wheels, the air-filled, spooked and rust-free rims, lightweight and easy collapsible frame along with most sturdy and durable construction.


The Schwinn echo is designed to easily turn to stroller although stroller kit is not included in the set; users need to buy stroller kit individually.

The spacious interior of Schwinn echo offers two wide seats with padding straps or belts to hold kids and not let them injured in any way.

In addition, Schwinn echoes not just have the incredibly amazing appearance but it also features comfort features for users such as extra space behind the seats and behind the trailer to keep drinks, water bottles, food etc.

Similarly, the bike trailer’s looks compliment visibility flag with the height of 20 foot, and the beautiful yellow color also increases visibility on road.

The trailer not just has good appearance and stylish looks but it accommodates two children with the safe weight limit of 80 pounds.

  • Protection

The Schwinn echo bike trailer has large windows enable parents to keep an eye on kids while the transparent mesh surface increases better sight to look out.

Moreover, the bug screen protects kids from debris or small bugs around, inside the spacious cabin along with two seats there is helmet mesh and shoulder pads for added safety and protection of children when the trailer is on bumpy roads. Also, two adjustable harnesses are there to secure a child in any situation. 

  • Best application

 The perfect trailer offers complete safety and comfort thus this trailer is the best fit for weekend riders. However, your kids or child need some time to outgrow the cabin and during this time kids will be enough able to take solace in this Schwinn echo trailer.

Moreover, extra storage space enables you and your kids to take all snacks, drinks and essential stuff on the ride and make the normal ride a wide range picnic.

So no more leaving your family behind when the Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer is there at such an affordable price range. The best and safe speed of the trailer is ten miles per hour. 

  • Easy to use

 Schwinn always produced trailer models which are extremely easy to assemble, easy to fold together and easy to use. The Echo bike trailer features adapter plates and universal coupler which easily fits with most bicycles without any tool.

Moreover, the collapsible frame enables the user to store it in even narrow spaces, also the gap on the axle leaving finest space for the tires to more best after attaching to the bike. 

  • Value

 The Schwinn Echo is the prominent and well-known model by the manufacturers of Schwinn due to its performance, safety features, and price range. This trailer is counted among the best-rated kid’s bike trailer in the market.

  • Affordable rates for such high-tech trailer
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Attractive and strong color can be easily spotted from far away
  • Easily fit with most bicycles
  • The trailer can be easily folded for transportation and storage
  • Seats with padded shoulder belts and helmet mesh
  • 2 in one canopy, mesh bug cover or screen with a weather shield for the ultimate safety of young ones
  • 20 inches alloy air tires and spooked wheels offer exclusive style and high performance
  • Arbetter transparent mesh screen along with large windows
  • Reflectors on both sides
  • 10 ft safety flag
  • It can easily convert to a stroller
  • Stroller kit is not included in the trailer kit
  • Parking brake and suspension are not included


The versatility of Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer, yellow provides all safety, comfort, reliability, high performance, and style. This trailer can be your best buddy during weekend trips or rides when the comfort and safety in mind.

The trailer has got everything, to be honest, which can protect and enable your kids to enjoy their family ride.

The Schwinn Echo trailer ensures your children can be protected in the entire ride from harmful debris, bugs or other elements. Schwinn Echo Double bike trailer with the yellow color decreases the maximum chances of an accident while the reflectors and safety flag also helps the user to be safe throughout the trip.


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