2-in-1 Small Dog Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller by Rage Powersports

The 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Stroller by Rage Powersports have got unique yet exclusive design along with top class features.2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller by Rage Powersports

As like the other models by Rage Powersports, this 2 in one small dog bike trailer is the result of high-end engineering and advanced technology.

This trailer, the stroller is surely a classic choice for those who want to buy an incredibly unique design, durable and high functional trailer.

If your pet is suffering from breathing problem, arthritis or any other health problem do not waste time to look for any other trailer than Rage Powersports 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller.

The most durable and solid build constructed frame, spacious cabin with all safety features and reasonable price range has made this trailer a worthy investment.

 The highlight of 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review

The stylish looks and upgraded design of trailer, stroller boosted superlative features as well as high-end functionality, this 2 in one small dog bike trailer is the combination of various high-tech features.

While the affordable price ranges and a year warranty of the trailer, the stroller is the basic highlight along with other highlights of best functionality, durability, and reliability as well.

Our detailed 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Stroller Review with all prominent features provide complete insight of the best budget pet trailer ever. Let’s start an overview of this best pet trailer, stroller to give you perfect idea of the trailer.

  • Appearance Design, interior, and cabin

The trailer, the stroller has finished design, ultimate lavish looks and the blend of two pretty colors, as well as the high-quality polyester appearance, makes it most eye-catching.

Moreover, the heavy-duty steel frame along with top quality powder coat finish trailer, stroller makes it long lasting, lightweight and easy to use.

The 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Stroller is durable enough as it is constructed with a reinforced steel frame which increases sturdiness of the trailer.

The overall trailer measures with 48 inches L x 23.5 inches W x 28.5 inches H although the stroller dimension measures with 61.5 inches L x 23.5 inches W x 37.5 inches W.

As the matter of fact, Rage Powersports has been recognized for their build quality, heavy duty ramps, build level and high standard engineering.

Therefore every model or product of the manufacturer has same construction features and standards.

This trailer, the stroller features spacious and wide interior and cabin which enable your pet to move around easily without any hassle.

The internal cabin of the trailer got great dimensions that measure in 23.25 inches L x 14.5 inches W x 19.75 inches H.

  • Multi-functional 2 in one trailer

The 2-in-1 trailer can be used as a stroller, as the trailer box includes complete stroller kit which includes 12″ swiveling front wheel and removable padded handlebar.

To convert trailer into stroller user need to assemble front wheel which is very easy and the user manual is also there for guidance.

The user needs to install wheel assembly and attach rear handle receivers by using two quick release pins, both are easy to attach and detached.

The swiveling function of front wheel enables the user to move or push jogging stroller with all ease and comfort.

  • Protection

The 2-in-1 trailer features dual opening or entrance doors, the front opening and the rear opening. According to experts, it is better and safe to consider or use rear entrance door for loading and unloading and users should always keep it closed during transit.

The trailer also featured 2-in-1 canopy, the mesh vented windows are made of high-quality material and offer extra visibility to the pet during ride also these windows provide plenty of airflow in the cabin.

The transparent coverings or canopy made of a strong and thick material which secure and protect pets from raindrops or harsh weather. Also, the canopy can be folding up and rolling down according to user’s need.

The trailer also features solid non-slip floor or pad which can be sponged down, also a tether loop or padded straps are there in the cabin. This tether loop or padded straps can be attached to pet’s collar to secure them or prevent escape.

  • Value

The 2-in-1 small dog bicycle trailer and stroller acclaimed as the best-rated pet trailer which not only offers affordable price range but high performance and quality features.

The large 16 inches rear air-filled wheels of the trailer are ideal to use on short grass, chip-bark trails, gentle terrain, pavement etc.

As well as the trailer is compact enough and easier to store in narrow place after easy folding with the wheels removes and store individually.

  • Reasonable rates& cost effective
  • Offer the best performance
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • High standard build
  • Ultimate sturdy and durable
  • Spacious cargo or cabin or interior
  • The trailer is easy to assemble
  • Padded straps with harness
  • The trailer can be easily turned into a stroller
  • Mesh-vented windows for ventilation and pet visibility
  • Front and rear door openings with the dimension of 13.25 inches W x 23.25 inches H and 11.25 Inches W x 14.5 inches H
  • Offer trailer maximum weight limit 135 lbs
  • For stroller weight limit is 85 lbs
  • Rear wheel and front reflectors
  • Stroller kit available
  • Universal bike hitch
  • Weight limited for a stroller
  • Compatible with limited bikes


In totality the Rage Powersports Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and a jogging stroller for all those pet owners willing to have an affordable yet heavy-duty pet bicycle trailer.

Features, functionality, and capacity are the important factors to look for if you want to buy pet bike trailer but most importantly price range is one of the major consideration.

There is a saying that you get exactly what pay for, this is the right saying apply in most cases but when we talk about this trailer you get much more at a reasonable price.

Yes, this 2-in-1 small dog bike trailer and jogging provide security, comfort, safety from harsh weather and ease in all factors.

This model of Rage Powersports 2-in-1 small dog bicycle trailer is really an exception and according to experts, you should get a real bargain with ultra-high performance.



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